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Finding Survey Instruments and Questionnaires: Copyright Clearance Center


This section details how UT Tyler students, faculty, and staff can access copyright permission regarding sharing information from particular journals. Copyright Clearance Center and RightFind Academic detail what types of sharing are allowed.

Navigating copyright policies and permissions can be complicated. If you have questions or need any assistance, please contact Sarah Norrell at or 903-566-7472.

On-campus access

Go to Copyright Clearance Center's RightFind Academic page and search for a journal. Once you search, you should automatically see permissions listed. 

Off-campus access

Go to Copyright Clearance Center's RightFind Academic page and click on "Register Your Account". When creating an account, use your UT Tyler email account for your email address. Once you have created an account, you can search for journal permissions. 

Interpreting Journal Permissions

In RightFind Academic, click on "View more ways to share" to see the permissions allowed for a journal. 

Note: You may not see the permission you're looking for listed in the examples. Generally, if a journal allows for digital sharing and photocopy sharing, you may use the content in your work--as long as your work includes proper citation and a disclaimer that your use is for academic and/or educational use. 

Example Disclaimer

When using a survey, instrument, or other technical section of a work, in your own research, it is important to include a disclaimer including how and why you are using that section. 

Examples of disclaimers include: 

  • Sections of this survey include instruments (or selections) from articles written in [Journal] by [authors]. These instruments are being utilized in this survey for educational and academic coursework in preparation for my doctoral degree.
  • The survey is intended to provide feedback for educational and academic work. Sections include instruments from articles written in [Journal] by [Authors], and attributions are provided below. 

To ensure proper attribution, include the full citation of the article from which the instrument originated. 



Contact Us!

If you need assistance, please contact Sarah Norrell at or by phone at 903-566-7472. 

You may want to include the following information (to expedite the process):

  1. What is the citation of the article?
  2. What portion of the article do you plan to use?
  3. How many people will you be sharing your work with?
  4. How do you plan to distribute your work (online ex: Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, listserv)?

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