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Finding Survey Instruments and Questionnaires: Finding Corresponding Authors

Finding the Corresponding Author

HaPI does not provide information regarding corresponding authors in its records. 

But you can track down this information using the documentation supplied by the record. 

A. Procedure for Primary Source References:

 1) Locate the citation information in the Source field (immediately below the Source Notes field)

2) Perform a Journals by Title search (of the article citation) to locate either 

a) A record for the article in a literature database

b) The full text of the article itself

3) Locate the corresponding author information in the database record or article full text

a) Many databases provide corresponding author contact information in their records

i. A single author's email (and sometimes postal) address

b) Where a database fails to provide this information, the article full text of a new behavioral instrument almost always will.


B. Procedure for Other Source Categories: 

1) Locate the reference to the Primary Source article in the record

a) This will appear in the References field (near the bottom of the record)

b) The Primary Source (where more than one reference is provided) is normally the earlier published work and is usually indicated by the following bracketed message:

i. [Reference provided by HaPI].

2) Perform the steps for finding Primary Source References (above)

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