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Finding Survey Instruments and Questionnaires: Subject Headings Search: "Measures (Individual)"

Subject Headings Search: Measures (Individuals)

Measures (Individuals) is the broadest subject heading in the ERIC database covering statistical data collection tools. 

According to its scope note, it covers "procedures, devices, or sets of items that are used to estimate or rate the characteristics of individuals, e.g., their abilities, attitudes, opinions, or mental traits." 

To use Measures (Individuals) subject headings search:

1) Enter the term "Measures" in the search box and tick the Suggest Subject Terms box

2) Click the Search button to search the ERIC subject heading thesaurus

3) Locate & select the Measures (Individuals) tick box, click the adjacent Explode¹ box & click the Add button

4) Click the Search button to perform the search

5) Enter your topic search terms in the second (and where necessary, subsequent) search boxes

6) Click the Search button to perform the search


¹ The Explode feature allows you to search a broad term and any narrower terms associated with it. Searching a broad subject heading without the explode feature active will retrieve only those records containing the broad subject heading. Searching with the Explode feature active can thus substantially increase your search results by automatically combining every narrower term associated with the broad subject heading. 

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