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Finding Survey Instruments and Questionnaires: Locating Instrument References

Locating Instrument References in the Record

The best place to locate instrument references in a CINAHL Complete record is the Instrumentation field of the record.

The Instrumentation field itemizes every behavioral instrument used to collect data as identified by study authors in the methods section of the article.

This information is also frequently presented in the Abstract field. But the Instrumentation field is generally more thorough and presents the information in a more structured, less cluttered format than the abstract. 

Above is the Instrumentation field data for the record Powers, A. and Oltmanns, T. (2013) "Personality pathology as a risk factor for negative health perception." Journal of Personality Disorders 27(3): 359-70.

Notice the Instrumentation field lists all five instruments used to collect the data, including (where available) instrument acronyms. 






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