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Finding Survey Instruments and Questionnaires: Keyword Searching PsycINFO

Keyword Searching APA PsycINFO

The field defaults for keyword searching in APA PsycINFO cover the following indexes:

• TI Title

• Translated Title

• CC Classification Codes

• AB Abstract

• KW Keyword (descriptors)

• SU Subjects

• AR/AU Author

The most efficient search for retrieving instrument references in this database is the TM Tests & Measures field index search.

It will not garner as many returns as keyword or All Text searching. But because it searches the Test & Measures field index, every record retrieved will contain titled, published instruments (no red herrings or false leads). 

Since keyword already covers so many of the text-rich fields of APA PsycINFO (including the abstract and subject heading fields) it effectively functions as the apex-level search strategy, resulting in the most returns for a nested "OR" search for instruments. 

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