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Finding Survey Instruments and Questionnaires: Finding Corresponding Authors

Finding Corresponding Authors in Health Business Elite

Health Business Elite does not provide corresponding author information in its records. 

However, scholarly journals frequently include this information somewhere on the introductory page of research articles.

And since Health Business Elite is a predominantly full text database, corresponding author information can usually be acquired (where available) by opening the pdf full text of the article and scanning the first page for indications such as the following:



Corresponding author information always includes the author's name, institutional affiliation and email address. Sometimes a postal address is included as well.

Remember, if you are seeking copyright permission for use of an instrument, you need to locate the authors of the article in which the instrument was first published and find the corresponding author designee for that study. 

Secondary studies (using the instrument to collect data) will almost always reference the original article and a citation to it can usually be found in the reference list/bibliography at the end of the study.


¹ Image taken from page 727 of Gaudine, A., & Thorne,, L. (2012). Nurses’ ethical conflict with hospitals: A longitudinal study of outcomes. Nursing Ethics, 19(6), 727–737. doi:10.1177/0969733011421626


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