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Finding Survey Instruments and Questionnaires: Finding Article Full Text

Obtaining Article Full Text for a HaPI Citation

HaPI is not a full text database. Almost every instrument record in the database has an embedded Borrow from Another Library link associated with it. 

This does not necessarily mean, however, that the item in question is not full text accessible through another database subscribed by Muntz Library. 

Before submitting an ILLIAD request for the article, it's worth searching Journals by Title first.

To perform a Journals by Title search,

1) Locate and note the citation information for the article you are seeking

2) Navigate to the UT Tyler Library main page

3) Find and click the Journals by Title link (middle link beneath Swoop Search box on main library page)

a) Enter the title of the journal you seek in the Browzine search box

b)  The search will auto-start when you stop typing

i. If the search returns the message, "No matches for '...'," proceed with an ILLIAD request (we do not have full text access to the journal). 

4) If the search returns a result, scroll through the results list and select your journal title

5) Note the years of coverage (do they cover the publication date of your article?)

6) Click the publication year matching your article's citation details

7) Select the volume & issue link matching your article's citation details

8) Scroll through the issue contents and locate your article by title (or page numbers)

Note: Remember, the articles to which HaPI references refer seldom if ever contain the full text of the instruments they describe. To locate instrument full text, you will need to consult resources like ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, and Google.

However, you may still wish to obtain the full text of HaPI Primary Source articles since these frequently contain information regarding psychometric testing of the instruments.

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