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Access Issues?

Contact your librarian for issues with downloading articles, connecting to databases, or accessing resources from a hospital (hospital firewalls often block access). The more details you provide, the more effectively we can help. 

  • Where did you see the error (SwoopSearch, database list, etc.)?

  • Copy and paste the error message or provide a screenshot with the URL.

  • Have you successfully accessed the resources before?

  • Can you access other UT Tyler services (Canvas, email, etc.)?

For assistance outside of regular business hours, please contact or 903.566.5342.

Pharmacy Specific Databases

Important note for Lexicomp and Facts & Comparisons: To circumvent technical issues, avoid switching back and forth between these resources within the same browser session.

  • Use separate browsers: Open Lexicomp in one browser (e.g., Chrome) and Facts & Comparisons in another (e.g., Edge).
  • Close and reopen: Completely close out (including logging out) of one resource before opening the other.
  • While clearing your cache may also help, it's not always practical for frequent users.
  • Select UpToDate from the database list
  • It may auto-land you on the Registration form. If it does, simply follow the prompts to create your our free UpToDate account
    If it doesn’t click the Register button (upper right of screen), complete the online application, click the Send Verification Code button, then go to your email and follow the prompts. ​
  • Once you have your account, here is a link to instructions for downloading the app from the APP Store or Google Play:
  • Here is a short video tutorial for installation, setup, and usage:
  • Select UpToDate from the database list.
  • Select the Sign In option (top right corner)
  • On the sign in page, BELOW the user/password boxes, select OpenAthens.​
  • You should be taken to a “Find your institution” page.
  • Start typing Tyler – University of Texas – Tyler should come up as an option.
  • Select it.
  • Next, a pop-up box with “Choose how to sign-in” will come up.
  • Select University of Texas at Tyler
  • Now use your UTTyler Sign in credentials.
  • This should effectively “renew” your subscription.

Other Useful Databases

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