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Sciwheel provides a workspace for researchers to collect, write & discuss scientific literature. It is a web-based application and includes a browser extension and a Microsoft Word plugin. It also offers key article recommendations. Although Sciwheel was designed specifically for life scientists, anyone writing scholarly or academic articles can use it. It supports the entire science writing process, from discovering critical papers to easily saving and annotating references to incorporating them seamlessly into your Word document.

In other words, it's a reference management tool -

just like EndNote, Zotero, etc. - but with added features.

Getting Started

Select Sciwheel here, from the Database list on this Research Guide, or from the Databases by

Title list on the Library webpage. 

Create an account in Sciwheel by selecting Sign In in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Use your UT Tyler email account to create the account

Select "No, I'm a new user."

You will be guided through setting up a new, free UT Tyler institutional account. Select your own password. You will receive an email with a link to confirm and you will be brought back to the Sciwheel web page.


Please Note: DO NOT select "CREATE FREE ACCOUNT NOW" box in the middle of the screen.

This will only set up a 30-day free trial version.



Add some Tools to enhance your experience. At the top, under Tools, you will see links to add:

Chrome extension

Word plugin & desktop app

Google Docs add-on

The Chrome extension puts a little  in your toolbar. Click on it to save references directly from your browser. 

The Word plugin lets you enter citations into your paper as you work and create your bibliography. You can select your Project (called Folder, Group, etc. in other reference management systems) and choose citations only from that Project if you wish. It also lets you search PubMed and more, directly from Word. Notice that when you click on the plugin link, there is a short video that demonstrates how it works when you are writing. 




Sciwheel is the only subscription citation manager Muntz Library maintains.

Designed to support research in the life sciences, Sciwheel has features that will benefit the work of researchers in many fields, including biomedicine and pharmacy:

  • unlimited references
  • unlimited storage
  • citation functionality that works with both MS Word & Google Docs
  • access to references & pdfs from any device
  • remote collaboration
  • unlimited project folders

Its citation management functionality compares favorably with competitors like Zotero and Mendeley. And its limitless storage gives it a definite edge in the market. 

To use Sciwheel you must first set up an account. Because we institutionally subscribe this product, this is all you need do. 


1. Navigate to the Sciwheel website (

2. Find & click the Sign in link (upper right corner)

3. On the Sign in page, select No, I'm a new user (below Do you have a Sciwheel account?)


4. Click the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button

5. Complete the form

a. Please use your Patriots email for the required email address

6. Click the CREATE FREE ACCOUNT button

The Dashboard is a landing page displaying Project icons current Suggested readings.

Clicking Project Icons opens their folders, taking you directly to their reference lists. 

The References page is the citation manager's main page. This is where the work takes place. 

Sciwheel Reference Toolbar

All References Citation List


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