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Health Sciences & Kinesiology

Where to Begin

Databases vary in subject specialty. Review descriptions to find the best fit for your topic before starting your search.


  • Always search more than one database.

  • Always use key words.

    • Typing a sentence or research question into a database search box will yield an overwhelming amount of irrelevant results. 

  • Create database accounts whenever possible. 

    • This provides " "insurance" if your search session times out and allows you to save searches.

Suggested Library Databases

Get started with these library databases, focusing on allied health, health sciences, and biomedical topics

Additional Databases

This section contains recommended databases in the most commonly requested topical areas outside of health sciences and kinesiology. 

Muntz Library provides access hundreds of databases!

Select the image below to explore our entire database collection. 

Robert R. Muntz Library Databases by Title Linked Image

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