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Using Muntz Library In Person

Have questions about how to use the library in person? This guide is here to help!

Study Spaces

The library uses zones to indicate whether the space is considered a quiet, social, or silent zone. Signs are posted around the library to let you know about the space that you are in. Green is Social, Blue is Quiet, and Red is Silent.

Quiet Zones

quiet study space

computer labIf you are looking for a quiet place to study,  head to the 1st or 4th floors of the library. These floors are Quiet zones. Limited hushed conversation and limited phone use (text) are permitted, while headphone use is required. 

The computer lab, located on the 4th floor in LIB 422, is also available for quiet study when not in use for instruction. 

Social Zones

student computers3rd floor seating


Looking for a place for group study or somewhere a bit more social? Check out the study spaces on our 2nd and 3rd floors. These are Social Zones. Group study, moderate conversation, and considerate phone use are permitted.

Silent Zones

Silent Study Sign



Looking for silence?

The library has a silent study room (LIB 419) located on the 4th floor. 

In this room, conversations are not permitted and devices should be muted. 

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