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Citation Guide: Citations

Citation help for popular styles such APA, MLA, and Chicago, as well as some of the less common styles such as ACS and CSE.

Plagiarism Checker

Need to make sure you have not accidentally plagiarized before turning in your paper? Use the link below.


If you are not already enrolled in Canvas 101, simply click it on your canvas homepage and then click the JOIN THIS COURSE button. 

Citation Managers

Citation managers are tools that allow you to import and store citations which can then be shared with others. You can also create bibliographies. For more info visit our citation managers guide.

UT Tyler Writing Center

For assistance with writing research papers, including citations, please contact the UT Tyler Writing Center located in CAS 212. They can also be reached at (903) 565-5995 or

Citation Styles

Click on the links below for more information about a specific citation style.

Writing Center

Need Help with writing your paper or citing? The Writing Center is here for you!                                      

You can visit with a tutor in the Writing Center office, or consult a tutor online. See below for details:

Writing Center Office: 

Hours- M-Th 9am- 6pm  CAS 212

 Schedule an appointment by email ( or call 903-565-5995

 Drop-in sessions are also okay but are on a first come, first served basis if there is a tutor available.

 2 appointments/ week

 Bring a copy of your paper and a copy of the paper assignment

Online Tutoring:

You still need to schedule a time to meet with a tutor either by email or phone ( or 903-565-5995)

 The only difference in online sessions, is you email your paper and assignment instructions to the writing center's email address before your appointment time, and, at your appointment time, you wait to get an email from us with further instructions. 

 Online tutoring uses GoogleDocs for real-time tutoring help

In all sessions, you must be an active participant in your session by asking and answering questions. Our approach is to teach students writing skills and editing strategies; we do not edit papers for students. Our hope is that students will learn enough about writing and editing to make our assistance unnecessary in the future.

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