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Zotero Citation Manager Guide: Creating/Managing File Folders

A guide for downloading, installing and getting started using the Zotero Citation Manager.

Leveraging the power of folders

Use Zotero folders to:

Organize your research

Set up folders for projects

Set up folders for thesis/dissertation chapters

Share research with Groups

Creating Folders

To create a new folder:

1) Click the New Collection button (top left) in the Zotero utility bar.

2) Enter a file name in the text box (below Enter a name for this collection:)

3) Click the OK button.

Adding Records to Folders

Adding to Folders from Existing Records in Zotero

From any folder (My Library or subfolder), click (highlight)


and drag records from Folder View to the intended folder destination.


A copy of the record(s) will migrate to the target folder in seconds.

Copy to Other Folders with the Add to Collection Feature

From any folder (My Library or subfolder), highlight (click) the records you wish to copy.

Right click to access the options menu, locate & select Add to Collection. 

This opens the Collection Folders menu. Select your destination folder. Records will copy from the selected folder to the destination folder.

Earmarking Records for Direct Export to Designated File Folders

1. Open Zotero Desktop.

2. Highlight the intended folder destination in Library View.

3. Initiate direct export from the database of origin using the browser extension.

A copy of the record(s) in question will download to both My Library (your default masterfile) and your designated subfolder.

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