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Zotero Citation Manager Guide: Installing App & Extension

A guide for downloading, installing and getting started using the Zotero Citation Manager.

Downloading Zotero

Zotero is available in versions for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

The following instructions cover the procedure for downloading Zotero for FireFox.

1. Google Zotero or navigate to the Zotero website:

2. Click the download button:


3. You will navigate to a Download screen with a Zotero 6.0 for Windows (links for the MacOS, Linux 32-bit, and 64-bit versions appear just below the Download button) button in the left column and a Zotero Connector (for Firefox) option in the right column.

4. Select the appropriate Zotero version for your operating system from the lefthand download menu. 

5. Follow the prompts to download.

When Zotero has finished installing, you will need to restart the FireFox browser to complete the process and begin using the manager.

Note: you can also download the Zotero for Word plugin from this page.

Install the Browser Connector

The browser connector allows you to batch import citations from databases and search engines with a few mouse clicks.

Its a time and labor saving feature that you will want as an option.

Click the Install Firefox connector if you intend to use Zotero primarily in this browser. Or click the Zotero Connectors for other browsers link to view your alternatives.

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