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European History From the French Revolution

Online Book Reviews

Book Review Books in the Library

Book Review Digest (1906-current). Ref. Z1219 .C95. Check the year the book was published, or the year following. Includes both excerpts of reviews and references to others in journals.

Book Review Index (1965-current). Ref. Z1035.A1 B6. Check the year the book was published, or the year following. Does not include excerpts but covers more journals than Book Review Digest.

New York Times Book Review (1896-1970). AP2 .N658. Includes reprints of reviews.  Located on 4th floor in the Periodicals Room.

Author Information Online

If your book was published recently and the author is a professor at a university, do a Google search to find his or her homepage on his/her campus.  The amount of information provided will vary, but you will often find a list of publications and awards.

Author Information in the Library

Contemporary Authors (1962-present). Ref. Z1224 .R6 and Ref. Z1224 .R62. Use the blue paperback index to find the right volume.

Directory of American Scholars.  Ref. LA2311 .C32 1969, Ref. LA2311 .C32 1974, Ref. LA2311 .D57 1978, Ref. LA2311 .D57 1982, Ref. LA2311 .D57 1999, and Ref. LA2311 .D57 2002.  Check in the History volume for Who's Who type entries.

Biography and Genealogy Master Index (1981-1990).  Ref. CT100 .B52.  Indexes wide selection of biographical sources.

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