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European History From the French Revolution

Specific Newspaper Index

Newspaper Databases

Interlibrary loan of Newspapers on Microfilm

Some libraries will loan out their microfilm, and some will not.  Out of state libraries may charge a fee and have strict due dates.  Request film well in advance, and plan on spending some intensive time with it to get all of the information you need. 

Foreign Newspapers on Microfilm

London Times, 1785-2003

Manchester Guardian, 1953-1959; The Guardian, 1959-1978; Guardian Weekly, 1968-1978; Manchester Guardian Weekly, 1978-1991

Copying from Microfilm

Good news!  Printing from the microfilm reader/printers in the Robert R. Muntz Library is free and unlimited, on both the 2nd and 4th floors!  Plus, you can save images to thumbdrive on the same machines!   Ask a staff person for help.

European Newspapers

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