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Using the Library

Select Get Started below to view step-by-step instructions on logging into and navigating your Library account.

It will demonstrate:  

  • Where to login.
  • How to view your account. 
  • How to view items currently checked out and how to renew them. 
  • How to view your history (items you have previously checked out).
  • How to send purchase suggestions to the Library. 
  • How to check for fines. 

Wondering if we have a specific book or maybe books on a specific topic? Search the library catalog to find out!


Librarians create and maintain guides for specific subjects as well as on general topics. In these guides are many resources that will be useful in conducting your library research. Here is a linked list of guides you may find useful. 

Getting to the Guides

Did you get here using a QR code or direct link and not sure now to find guides on your own?
Select "Get Started" on either tutorial below to view access paths. 

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