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Muntz Happenings

The latest events, workshops, and offerings from the Robert R. Muntz Library.



What's New

Library-Provided Textbooks

After the sudden closure of campus last year due to the pandemic, the library started an initiative to purchase as many unlimited-user e-textbooks as we could. Check out our Spring offerings over here:

For faculty interested in exploring library resources as textbooks, or open textbooks, visit with your liaison. We're happy to help! Find more information over at our OER Guide:



Catch up on our previous workshops on YouTube

Library Services on the Surface

Join librarian Christine Forisha for an introduction to library services: how to navigate the website, making use of your liaison librarian, how to get help, and more! Perfect for new and transfer students, as well as anyone who has felt intimidated by using the library online.

Getting Your Feet Wet with Library Resources

In this workshop librarian Michael Skinner will offer more information on using the library's resources: what is interlibrary loan, how to choose a database and where to find it, advanced search tips, and more! Designed for all users, especially those who haven't had a library instruction session in class.

Deep Dive into Library Tools

Librarian Christine Forisha is back with more extensive information about using library resources (especially from off campus), specific collections held by the library, and special tools that can keep your research organized and shareable. Ideal for upper division and graduate students and new faculty.

Liaison Suzanne Abbey will introduce workshop attendees to the wide variety of content available in, like interactive models of human anatomy, animations, interactive learning activities and more. If you are studying human anatomy and physiology or other subjects that require an understanding of human anatomy and physiology, may just be the resource you are looking for!

Book Reviews

Join librarian Sarah Meisch-Lacombe to talk all things book review! In this session will talk about how to find book reviews, how to use them for your benefit, and how to go about writing a book review for an assignment.

Introduction to Journals and Magazines 

Have you ever been required to search for articles within a specific journal or magazine? Or perhaps wondered if the library has access to a specific publication? Join Librarian Sarah Norrell to find out exactly how to search for, access, and search within journals and magazines held by the library!

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