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Accounting & Finance

Research guide for Accounting and Finance

What are accounting and finance?

The disciplines of accounting and finance are related to each other, but also very different.

Accounting deals mainly with the rules, procedures, and processes of financial accountability. The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) is a benchmark publication that outlines the standards and practices of creating, maintaining, and auditing financial records. Accountants regularly engage in report reconciliation, itemization, invoicing, tax preparation, payment processing, and other financial matters necessary for business operations.

Finance deals mainly with understanding, analyzing, and managing cash flows, credit markets, investments, and other financial assets. People who study finance examine the monetary resources and profitability of a business with a keen eye towards future financial returns and forecasting. People in finance frequently engage with banks, creditors, shareholders, government agencies, donors, and others who have a financial relationship with a business.

You can read some job descriptions that are available to people in accounting and finance by clicking the links below. These are from the Occupational Outlook Handbook provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Accounting & Finance Web Resources

Finding Web Resources with Google

If you're using Google to find websites, try including one of the following domains in your search to ensure the most high-quality results.

  • (websites for government)
  • (websites for U.S. institutions of higher education)



A search for government websites only involving the term "taxation" looks like this:

A search for institutions of higher education websites only involving the term "actuarial science" looks like this:

In either case, you simply follow your search terms with the word "site," a colon, a period, and the domain you want.

You can also try and, but sometimes those sites can still be questionable.

Keep in mind that international higher education sites (for example, those from Canada, the U.K., Australia, etc.) do not use the .edu domain. Instead, try looking for the .ac (academic institutions) domain.

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