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For Faculty

Librarians are natural partners for information literacy instruction. If you would like your students to have better research skills, invite your librarian! We can offer one-shot instruction with use of library resources, or tailor the class to meet specific research needs. Please contact your librarian at least a week in advance.
An embedded librarian is one that partners with the professor for a course during the entire semester to provide continual and consistent student support. This is often done for online courses, but can be applied to face-to-face courses as well. If you want more information about the embedded librarianship philosophy and what your librarian can do for you and your students as an embedded librarian, contact your liaison. Find out more about the instruction-related services we offer by visiting our Liaison Program webpage.
If you would like to place an item on reserve for your class(es), visit the course reserves website to learn more. You will need to fill out and submit the reserves form to our Circulation department. For questions, you can also contact Circulation directly by phone at 903-566-7342 or by e-mail.
Have you been looking for ways to support SB 810? Want to make class materials more affordable for your students? We have a great guide put together with information about Open Educational Resources. Ask your librarian for help!

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