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International Student Resources

Resources for students in the IELI / OIP programs

Finding appropriate sources can be challenging enough, but incorporating them into your paper can rally cause distress! One of the best ways to learn to write well is to read widely, but here are some other tools that offer concrete skills to really take your work to the next level.


citation is the method that is used within a document to give credit to the original author(s). A reference list, also known as a works cited or bibliography, is usually found at the end of the document. It contains full citation details like: name of author and work, date published, page number, and if applicable, volume and issue number, place of publication, DOI (digital object identifier), and website link.

The professor will tell students which format or style manual to use when for the research paper, presentation, or poster. It is also important to note, style guides offer so much more than just a template for creating a citation - they discuss paper templates, writing style, how to use abbreviations, and so much more. Your writing can be greatly improved simply by following the suggestions given in the writing section of the style manual!

The Writing Center

Need Help with writing your paper or citing? The Writing Center is here for you! You can visit with a tutor in the Writing Center office, drop-in at the library, or even consult a tutor online. 

In all sessions, you must be an active participant in your session by asking and answering questions. Our approach is to teach students writing skills and editing strategies; we do not edit papers for students. Our hope is that students will learn enough about writing and editing to make our assistance unnecessary in the future.

  • Hours- M-Th 9am- 6pm  CAS 202
  • Schedule an appointment by email ( or call 903-565-5995
  • Drop-in sessions are also okay but are on a first come, first served basis if there is a tutor available
  • 2 appointments/ week
  • Bring a copy of your paper and a copy of the paper assignment
  • T-Th 8pm-10pm
  • Located in the "living room", on the 2nd floor near the front doors
  • Only drop-in sessions, no appointments necessary
  • Bring a copy of your paper and a copy of the paper assignment

You still need to schedule a time to meet with a tutor either by email or phone ( or 903-565-5995)

  • The only difference in online sessions, is you email your paper and assignment instructions to the writing center's email address before your appointment time, and, at your appointment time, you wait to get an email from us with further instructions.
  • Online tutoring uses GoogleDocs for real time tutoring help

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