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International Student Resources

Resources for students in the IELI / OIP programs


You can use one of the Library's 200+ databases to discover scholarly articles, news, conference papers and proceedings, ebooks, dissertations and theses, musical scores, photographs, a/v materials, recordings - really any type of resource you could need for your research!

Using Swoop Search on the main library website allows you to search across most of these resources, as well as the library catalog (books). If you are not sure about your topic, this is the best place to start because you can get so many types of resources at once.

If you're more familiar with your topic, you may want to go directly to a database for your subject. Choose a database from the pull-down menu below, or click View More Results to access the Databases by Subject option.

Can't Find It?

If we don't have what you're looking for, try requesting it through InterLibrary Loan (ILL)ILL is a service that allows students to borrow items from other libraries, if Muntz Library doesn't have it. You submit a request for a book, journal article, conference paper, whatever type of source you need, and we see if we can find it for free! 

Please note that ILL relationships are very important for academic libraries to function. We need to be respectful of the lending terms set by other libraries. This includes the copyright notices on electronic resources. For print, pay close attention to the due date on the item. To ensure that due dates are taken seriously, there is a $1 per day, per item late fee for ILL items.

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