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ENGL 5300


One of the most common questions we get is: Where do I start?


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This will depend on how much you already know about your subject and what type of resources you need.

Swoop Search is what we call a federated search box, meaning that it's set up to search most of the library's resources at one time. If you're unfamiliar with your topic, or if you're unsure exactly which subject area it falls under, this is a great place to start. Your results may be books, journal articles, newspaper articles, theses or dissertations, book reviews, you name it! Once you've run your general search, use the filters on the results screen to narrow down your choices. You can also click on Advanced Search to do a targeted search across multiple types of resources.

If you're already pretty familiar with your topic, or if you have a citation you're trying to track down, use the Databases by Title or Journals by Title links to go straight to those resources. You can also find this guide and others on the Research Guides by Subject link!

Can't find it?

Find a book, but we don't have the full text?

                                     Use InterLibrary Loan

                                If we don't have it...We'll get it!!!!

Click here for your interlibrary loan account... or just click the Borrow from Another Library or Request via Illiad links.

How to Find a Book

What do you need to find a book on our shelves?

• Title

 Call Number


Below is a diagram of a catalogue record to show you where these items are.

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