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Criminal Justice

How Do I Know?

How can you tell whether you're looking at a good source or a bad one? Here are some tips:

Look at the name:

  • Take a look at the web address. What is the domain?
    • Typically .edu and .gov websites will have stricter guidelines about what can be published and by whom. 

Find the contact information: 

  • Be wary of websites with no way of contacting the creators.
    • Reputable authors love to be recognized for their work finding and synthesizing information for publication. Works should include the author or organization responsible for creation. 

Look for sources: 

  • Good researchers cite their sources (even in informal writing).
  • Look for links embedded in their post, mentions of the source by name, or formal footnotes/works cited. This gives you the opportunity to read the original material and see if you come to the same conclusions!


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