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A guide for getting started using Sciwheel.

What is Sciwheel?

From the Sciwheel website:

"Beyond a reference manager
An easy and intuitive way to discover, read, annotate, write and share scientific research"

Access Sciwheel

Other options

Sciwheel is only one option for citation management. There are other citation managers available, including other free options. See how Sciwheel compares to some other citation managers on our Citation Managers guide



Sciwheel can help you keep track of and organize all your references. It also allows for project collaboration through shared projects and offers tools to help you cite your references during the writing process. 

Full access to Sciwheel is available for free to current UT Tyler students, faculty, and staff via the Library's institutional subscription! 

The Library's institutional subscription allows you to access the full product features at no cost to you while you are currently enrolled or working at UT Tyler. Some of these premium features are unlimited storage, unlimited projects, and article suggestions. You will also see, and be able to access, Faculty Opinions article recommendations through Sciwheel. 

If your research field includes biology or medicine, Faculty Opinions can help you discover new works by providing recommendations of articles from other experts. Faculty Opinions is listed in the Databases by Title list on the library website (or you can use the link listed in the side column of this guide), and article recommendations can be searched for by keyword.

See the Faculty Opinions Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Follow the steps below to get started using Sciwheel for reference management and project collaboration!

From on campus or using the virtual desktop:

  1. Start at the library website
  2. Click on Databases by Title and find Sciwheel under S
    (Or use the Sciwheel link listed in the side column of this guide)
  3. Click on the Sign in link in the upper-right corner of the screen
  4. Under "Do you have a Sciwheel account?" select "No, I'm a new user" and click Create an account
  5. Complete the fields and click Create free account

Once you get your account set up, be sure to check out the additional tools and apps that are available and get any of those that you want set up too. 

When you set up your Sciwheel account the first time, you'll need to set it up from on campus or using the virtual desktop for you to be connected with the Library's institutional subscription. After that, you can use your Sciwheel account while not connected to the campus network, but every 120 days you will need to log into your account from on campus or using the virtual desktop in order to re-verify your association with UT Tyler and keep your full access through the Library's institutional subscription. 

Not sure if you are connected to the Library's institutional subscription?

Setting up your account for the first time? You should see "FREE access for you provided by University of Texas Tyler" at the top of the registration screen.

Once your account is set up, after logging in, go to Account (click on your initials in the upper-right corner of the screen). From there, click on Subscription. You should see a green check mark symbol and "Sciwheel institutional subscription" if you are successfully connected with the Library's institutional subscription.  

If you are no longer currently enrolled or employed at UT Tyler, you will lose your access to the premium features of Sciwheel that you are able to access through the Library's institutional subscription, but that doesn't mean that you will lose access to your account entirely. You will still be able to access your Sciwheel account but it will be converted to the free, basic account version, unless you move to another institution that has a Sciwheel institutional subscription or you choose to pay for a personal premium subscription. See the Sciwheel Help guide - Getting started - Sciwheel subscriptions for more information.

If you originally set up your Sciwheel account using your UT Tyler email and need to change it, you can do that in your Sciwheel account settings. When logged in, click on your initials in the upper-right corner. Click on Account and then go to Change email

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