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Business (General)

Research guide for general business topics

Where to Search for Articles

Generally, there are three methods you can use to find articles.

     Individual databases. All of the database links on this page are to individual databases. If you use them, you are searching one database at a time. The benefit of this is that your searches can be more targeted to your specific area of interest and you won't have to wade through a lot of irrelevant material. However, you may have to conduct your searches in multiple databases to get a better coverage of available research on your topic.

     Individual journals. With this method, you will be searching only one journal at a time. This can be helpful if you know you are supposed to use specific journals. However, the coverage of topics within individual journal titles can be highly specialized and very narrow; this means that you may not find a breadth of articles on your topic.

     SwoopSearch. The SwoopSearch system allows you to perform your searches using most of our databases at once. Thus, whenever you perform a search, you will be searching almost all of our databases at one time. The benefit of this is that you may discover articles you would not have otherwise found. However, the results you get are likely to be numerous and overwhelming so you will need to learn how to narrow them with appropriate limiters.

NOTE: My recommendation for you would be to search by individual database because it gives you better control over your results.

Recommended Databases

Business Journals by Title

If you prefer to search journals individually, I've compiled an alphabetical list of some of the "best" business journals available. This is not an exhaustive list.

Clicking on a link will take you to a separate page where you can search within that journal exclusively.

NOTE: To search for all available coverage of a journal in all databases, including print, look up the journal title in our Journals by Title list.

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