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ENGR 1201: Writing & Citing

How do you stay organized?

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Copyright & Fair Use

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ACM (Association for Computer Machinery) Style

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IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) Style

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Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers article templates

ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) Style

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ACME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) Style

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AIChE Style

Books on Writing

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Non-Native English-speaking Engineers' Writing at the Workplace
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Journal Name Abbreviation

CAS Source Index (CASSI) Search Tool

Use the Cassi Tool (click the image above) to identify the correct journal title abbreviations for references. If the journal name is not available, select one that is close to the name and eliminate unnecessary words.


The Journal of Environmental Engineering is not on CASSI. Find a journal title that has most of the words. 

Publication Title Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering

The abbreviated title is: 

Abbreviated Title

 J. Environ. Chem. Eng.

So, the journal in the reference list will be: J. Environ. Eng.

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