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A guide for getting started using Sciwheel.

Troubleshooting & Tips

Have you tried importing a single reference from an EBSCO database using the Sciwheel browser extension and found that it didn’t import the information into Sciwheel correctly? Instead of the article information, all that pulled in was a link?

Why did this happen?

Well, it might have something to do with what screen you were on when you tried to import the reference. Were you viewing the article PDF in the database?
Screenshots showing incorrect reference import
So, how do you import just this single reference using the browser extension?

There are two ways that you can import the reference using the browser extension that should work correctly. The first is to import the reference from the article record screen. The other is to import the reference from the search results screen. If importing from the search results, you have the option to import all the references shown on the results screen, but you also have the option to import only selected references, so you could just select the one that you are interested in and import the single reference that way. Both of these options should import the reference correctly.

Screenshots showing correct reference import
All of the available information for the reference should be imported. If there is missing or incorrect information, go through the steps of editing the reference in Sciwheel. PDFs are not automatically attached to all references, so if you want the PDF included, go into the reference record in Sciwheel and upload the PDF.

Depending on how you import references and where you import them from, you may notice some notes automatically added to your imported references.

Example: Notes appearing on imported references from Scopus (Export: RIS Format, Citation Information)

Screenshot showing notes

If you find that notes have been added after importing references, you can go through and clean up the notes section by deleting them:

Screenshot showing steps to delete from individual reference record

Don't know which records have notes on them? Try searching your references for those "With Notes":

Screenshot showing search feature in Sciwheel

If you delete an item in Sciwheel, it will be permanently deleted, so be careful that the item isn't associated with any projects that are using it, since it will be removed from those projects as well.

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