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A guide for getting started using Sciwheel.

Sciwheel Tools & Apps

After you get your account set up, take some time to explore the additional tools available and set up any that will be helpful to you. Sciwheel currently offers a browser extension, a Word add-in, and a Google Docs add-on. There is also a mobile app available. 

When logged into your Sciwheel account, look for Tools in the upper-right corner. For each tool, information is provided for how to install and how to use it. Information is also available in the Help guide (Located in the upper-right corner next to Tools). Look for the following sections in the Help guide: Sciwheel browser extension, Word add-in, and Google Docs.

Note that the Desktop app and Word plugin are no longer supported. 

Learn more about each of these by clicking on the tool below.

According to the Help guide, browser extensions are available for Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari.
(Sciwheel Help guide - Compatibility - Browser extension)


Image showing the Sciwheel Browser ExtensionWhen you click on Tools, you will be given the option for the browser that you are using. For example, if using Google Chrome, when you click on Tools, you should see the option for the Chrome extension. Once installed, it should appear in your browser's tool bar at the top of your screen. 


With the Word add-in or Google Docs add-on you can search your Sciwheel references while working in your document. You can also search PubMed and Faculty Opinions. You can easily insert citations as you write and create your bibliography. You can even access notes that you've added to any of your saved references. 

According to Sciwheel's website, there are over 7,000 citation styles that you can choose from to format your citations. 

If you want to use Sciwheel on your smartphone or tablet, a mobile app is available. See the Sciwheel Help guide - Compatibility - What about tablets/smartphones? for more information. 

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