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A guide for getting started using Sciwheel.

Sciwheel: How to videos and Help guide

In your Sciwheel account, in the upper-right corner of the screen, click Help to get to the Help guide. There you will find lots of information that will help you learn how to use Sciwheel. There are also additional How to videos available there.

Sciwheel: Hints

Turn on/off Hints by clicking on your initials (upper-right corner of the screen) and clicking on Show hints or Hide hints. If you choose to Show hints, wherever a hint is available, there will be a circle that you can click to open information about that feature. 

Muntz Library Tutorials

Video Description:
Discover Muntz Library's citation manager, Sciwheel (formerly F1000 Workspace). Learn how it can help you stay organized and efficient, how to set up your account, and how to install browser extensions.

Runtime: 2:01

Video Description:
Learn how to use features in Sciwheel to keep you efficient and organized with your references and research.

Runtime: 3:42

Video Description:
This video walks you through using the Sciwheel Word and Google Chrome Plug-ins to make citing your resources easier and faster.

Runtime: 1:57

Muntz Library Workshop: Sciwheel for Grad Students

This workshop was part of the Muntz Library Workshop Wednesday workshop series from fall 2021. Even if you aren't a graduate student working on a thesis or dissertation, if you are working on any project(s) where you are managing a large number of references, some of the information covered in this workshop might be helpful.


Video Description:
Calling all graduate students! Do you struggle to keep your resources and research organized? Do you spend extra time making sure you have all the details you need for your citations? Join Librarian Suzanne to learn about Sciwheel, a reference manager unlike any other - and as always, contact Muntz Library with any questions!

Runtime: 57:29

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