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Graduate Nursing - New Cohort Library Orientation

Off-Campus Access

Select the Students, Faculty & Staff Login

At the start of a new remote library session, you will be prompted to authenticate yourself using your Patriots ID & password.

Always login using the Students, Faculty & Staff Login (the top option above).

The preceptor login is for a separate category of users and will not authenticate for you.

Database Login = Patriots ID Login

Your Patriots email user ID & password is the login you use to access the databases.

Virtual Desktop: One solution for access

Virtual Desktop works like a vpn that makes your home device IP address look like a campus-based UT Tyler computer address.

Logging in to the Virtual Desktop allows you to connect to our network and turn your home computer or laptop into an extension of the computers we have here on campus. You can access your Patriots or UT Tyler email, Canvas, MyUTTyler, and more!

Best of all, you can more easily access library resources from the Horizon Desktop - connecting to our databases through the virtual desktop means you're automatically authenticated as a user!

For further details, please consult the Off-Campus Access Guide.

Solutions to Consider

When you contact the library for assistance with a remote access problem, these are the initial solutions we will attempt. Going through before contacting us might resolve the issue.

Did I use the correct login button for my status? Students, Faculty and Staff use one login button to authenticate off campus access. Preceptors use a different login button.  Y/N
When did I last update my Patriots ID password? Patriots ID passwords must be changed after each semester. To change your password, use, select Student Password Reset,  and follow the prompts. Y/N
Are the pop-up blockers disabled on the browser I am using to login? Active pop-up blockers can prevent successful remote login.  Y/N
Do I use a firewall on my computer? If so, was it active when I attempted to log in?
Active firewalls can prevent successful remote login.
Do I use a vpn when online? If so, was it active when I attempted to log in? Active Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can prevent the server from recognizing your computer's IP as yours. Y/N
Have I tried to log in with a different browser? Switching browsers can sometimes make the difference.  Y/N
Where am I trying to login from (home, a health facility or school)? Some institutions, especially healthcare facilities, maintain prohibitive IT security measures that prevent successful remote authentication. Y/N
Have I cleared the cache on my browser? Insufficient browser memory can affect login success. Y/N

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