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Tips for Getting the Full Text of Articles

Literature databases vary in their full text access to specific journals. One database may provide citation-only access, while another provides full text access to the journal's content.

If you can locate an article citation but not the full text, use the following strategies to determine if full text access is available through another database subscription.

1. Look for a link in the item record

Look for a full text navigational link in the article record. This step is preliminary. Where the link is present and working properly, you should have free full text access to the article. Where there is no full text link, the link does not work, or the link says "Borrow from Another Library," move on to step 2. 

2. Check Journals by Title

Use the citation information to identify the particular volume/issue of the journal that the article is from. Journals by Title will confirm whether or not full text access is available for a journal, and if so, what date range is full text accessible.  Refer to the Journals page of this guide.   

Note: the date range of full text coverage varies, so its important to check this when searching Journals by Title. We sometimes have full text access to a journal, but not for the years required for a specific user.

If the journal you seek is not showing up in a Journals by Title search, the odds of our having access to its full text decrease precipitously. But there is one more option to try before reaching for ILLIAD: SwoopSearch.

3. Try SwoopSearch

Copy and paste the article title into SwoopSearch (on the library's main website) to see if you can pull up the item that way. If no full text link appears for the article entry in SwoopSearch, its time to submit and interlibrary loan request through ILLIAD.

Remember Interlibrary Loan

If, after checking to see if the Library has access, you find out that the Library doesn't have access to the full text of the article that you want, don't forget that you can submit a request for the article through Interlibrary Loan ("Borrow from another library"). 

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