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Marketing & Management

Research guide for Marketing and Management

What is marketing?

In general, marketing refers to the study and practice of promoting the benefits of a product or service. The benefits may be real or imagined, but the fundamental idea remains the same--to communicate to individuals and groups the value of a product or service.

Advertisement plays a significant role in marketing. Through advertising, consumers become aware of a product or service. How the product or service is marketed and advertised can determine whether or not customers will buy it.

People in marketing must learn to whom they should advertise (i.e., market segmentation), what they should advertise (i.e., types of products and services), when are the optimal times to advertise (e.g., morning, night, summer, winter, 1Q, 2Q, during a recession, etc.), why advertising is necessary (i.e., what is it that needs to be done to get sales), and how to design and implement the best advertising strategies possible.

Successful marketing is based on market research, planning, and strategy.

Finding Web Resources with Google

If you're using Google to find websites, try including one of the following domains in your search to ensure the most high-quality results.

  • (websites for government)
  • (websites for U.S. institutions of higher education)



A search for government websites only involving the term "consumer spending" looks like this:

A search for institutions of higher education websites only involving the term "marketing research" looks like this:

In either case, you simply follow your search terms with the word "site," a colon, a period, and the domain you want.

You can also try and, but sometimes those sites can still be questionable.

Keep in mind that international higher education sites (for example, those from Canada, the U.K., Australia, etc.) do not use the .edu domain. Instead, try looking for the .ac (academic institutions) domain.

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