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UT-Tyler Masters Theses in History

These theses are available for checkout on the 3rd floor of the Robert R. Muntz Library.  Check the catalog for call numbers.

Davis, Patrick. “The Texas City Explosion of 1947.” 1988.
Owens, Jeffrey Alan. “The Civil War in Tensas Parish, Louisiana: A Community History.” 1990.
Graham, Michael Ellis. “Early Texas Steamboats, 1829-1836: Origins of Commercial Inland Steam Navigation.” 1991.
Knight, George. “William Cowper Brann, the Epitome of “Personal Journalism:” An Interpretive Defense.” 1991.
Simpson, Jerry Allen. “The Opera House Era in Tyler, 1879-1914: A History of the Legitimate Theatres in a Typical Small Texas Community.” 1991.
Woodmansee, Robert. “The Slave Trade in Texas, 1821-1845.” 1991.
Large, William Norman. “The Hub of East Texas: A History of Tyler, Texas, 1918-1940.” 1992.
Newsom, James Lynn. “Grand Phalanx of Intrepid Infantry: The Seventh Texas, 1861-1865.” 1993.
Cowan, Terry. “The Stone Movement and “The Christians in the West” in Texas, 1824-1865.” 1994.
Stuard, Linda Hollis. “’Only an Artillery Officer:’ How Historians View the Dreyfus Affair.” 1994.
Risko, Robert John. “Protector of the Realm: The American Navy of the Late Nineteenth Century.” 1995.
Wilson, Shari Dee. “John Foster Dulles and the Middle East Agenda.” 1995.
Douthey, Carrie. “John Tyler’s Bank War.” 1999.
Sparks, Lisa Ann. “Resistance: Women in the Polish General Government During World War II.” 1999.
McIntyre, Stephanie. “Ties that Bind: Railroads, Sectionalism, and the Civil War.” 2004.
Glosson, Lonnie Ray. “The Long March to Disaster: The Mexican Campaign Against Texas, 1836.” 2006.
Powell, David.  "Judicial Review in the Early Republic," 2009.
Wait, Jared.  "Lords of the Incomprehensible:  Viracocha, Dios and the Perceptions of "God" in Sixteenth Century Peru."  2010.
Roberson, Bea.  "Domestic Ambivalence:  Elite Southern Women and the Institution of Slavery."  2010.

These theses are available online:
Harvell, Elle, "Cope, Cooperate, Combat:  Civilian Responses to Union Occupation in Saline County, Missouri During the Civil War," 2012.
Rice, Elle.  "The Auxiliary Units:  Britain's Last Line of Defense During World War II."  2013.
Hughes, Sharon.  "Isaac Merritt Singer:  A Womanizer Who Liberated Women."  2014.
Quinten, Austin.  "God's Rebel:  Christian Socialism in East Texas, 1911-1917."  2015.
Yeakley, Nicholas.  "No Task Too Small:  The Importance of Frigates in the British Navy."  2015.  (available online only to UT Tyler community)
Haynie, Robin.  "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Democracy:  Comedy and Politics in the Twentieth Century." 2015.
Carriker, Jay.  "The World of Elagabalus." 2016.
Prince, Katherine D.  "Emerging Cold War Ideologies During the Populist Era in Latin America and the US Media Response." 2017.
Clinton W. Thompson.  "Hell in the Snow:  The U. S. Army in the Colmar Pocket, January 22-February 9, 1945." 2017.