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Research guide for Economics

Library of Congress classification

HA = Statistics

HB = Economic Theory, Demography

HC = Economic History & Conditions

HD = Industries, Land Use, Labor

HF = Commerce

HG = Finance

HJ = Public Finance

HN = Social History & Conditions, Social Problems/Reforms

HX = Socialism, Communism, Anarchism

JZ = International Relations

QA = Mathematics (incl. Mathematical Statistics)


All of the circulating books in these classifications (i.e., those you can check out) are located on the 3rd floor of the library. 

All of the reference books in these classifications (i.e., those you cannot check out) are located on the 2nd floor of the library.

Reading & Downloading E-books in EBL

Most of our e-books are provided through the EBL database. Using e-books may take practice and patience.

Not only will you need to become familiar with ADE and Bluefire, but also the e-book interface. Once you learn how it all works together, the process will become much easier.

If you have any trouble, please contact me or any other librarian so that we may help you!

For an optimal e-book reading experience, you should read your e-books on a desktop or laptop computer - they usually have faster internet connections, more memory space, and high-performance processors. These features will vastly improve your ability to download and interact with your e-books.

If you are using a PC or Apple computer, you'll need to download the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software before downloading any e-books from EBL. ADE is free and can be obtained from the Adobe Digital Editions website. Properly install the program on your machine following all of the directions it provides. You'll also want to create an Adobe ID during this process. You can do this within the ADE program.

If using an Apple computer, you will need an additional program called Bluefire Reader. This app will aid in your ability to read EBL e-books on your Apple machine. You can download Bluefire Reader for Apple for free. If you are using an Apple computer, it is necessary that you have BOTH the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) softtware and Bluefire Reader app installed before downloading and using any EBL e-book.

You may use your personal e-reader or tablet to aceess e-books if you prefer. Be aware that lag times may be greater due to slower internet connections, smaller memory space, and slower processing speeds.

If you are using an Android tablet, you will need BOTH Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire Reader for Android. Install both of them on your tablet before downloading and using EBL.

If you are using an Apple iPad, you'll need to adhere to the same requirements as for Apple computers -- make sure your iPad has BOTH Adobe Digital Editions and Bluefire Reader on it.

For more information on reading/downloading e-books from our library, follow the links below or contact me.

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