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Business Law

Research guide for Business Law

What is business law?

Business law, also called commercial law, is the study and practice of law that pertains to the operations of a business.

Within business law are many different concentrations and specialties. For example, business lawyers and legal experts might specialize in advertising, marketing, human resources, asset acquisition, international trade, and other business-related specialties. Often, they deal with business contracts, copyright and patent issues, intellectual property law, bankruptcy, immigration, labor law, and more.

Here's a detailed Definition of Business Law from the Encylopedia Britannica.

Business Law Web Resources

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Professional organizations

Here are professional organizations and associations that may be of interest to you. Many of them provide free resources, but membership is often required to use all of their services.

Consider joining professional organizations now or in the future, as membership opens opportunities for conferences, networking, and professional development.

Search tip!

If you're using Google to find websites, try including one of the following domains in your search to ensure the most high-quality results.

  • (websites for government)
  • (websites for U.S. institutions of higher education)



A search for government websites only involving the term "state v. smith" looks like this:

A search for institutions of higher education websites only involving the terms "intellectual property law" looks like this:

In either case, you simply follow your search terms with the word "site," a colon, a period, and the domain you want.

You can also try and, but sometimes those sites can still be questionable.

Keep in mind that international higher education sites (for example, those from Canada, the U.K., Australia, etc.) do not use the .edu domain. Instead, try looking for the .ac (academic institutions) domain.