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Graduate Student Guide

Researcher Academy


Researcher Academy offers practical skills and professional development advice for

researchers at every level of their career.

Learn how to make your research stand out & garner those all-important citations.


 e-Learning Modules:


 Career Path Modules:


 Research Preparation - Includes 10 Modules             

  • Funding  
  • Research Data Management
  • Research Collaborations  
 Career Planning
  • Investigating Options
  • Changing career or Field of Study


 Writing for Research - Includes 15 Modules
  • Fundamentals of Manuscript Preparation              
  • Writing Skills
  • Technical Writing Skills
  • Book Writing 
 Job Search
  • Make the Most of Your PhD
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Write and Effective CV
  • Prepare for an Interview
 Publication Process - 19 Modules
  • Fundamentals of Publishing
  • Finding the Right Journal
  • Ethics
  • Open Science
  • Publishing in the Chemical Sciences
 Career Guidance
  • 5 Tips for Researchers
  • Conference Networking
  • Dealing with Imposter Syndrome
  • Work-Life Balance
  • How to Select a Supervisor
 Communicating Your Research - 6 Modules
  • Social Impact
  • Ensuring Visibility 
 Navigating Peer Review - 12 Modules   
  • Fundamentals of Peer Review
  • Becoming a Peer Reviewer
  • Going Through Peer Review
  • Daily stories for the science, 
  • technology and health communities -              
  • latest developments


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