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Writing Center

Need Help with writing your paper or citing? The Writing Center is here for you!                                      

You can visit with a tutor in the Writing Center office, drop-in at the library, or even consult a tutor online. See below for details:

In all sessions, you must be an active participant in your session by asking and answering questions.

Our approach is to teach students writing skills and editing strategies; 

we do not edit papers for students.        

Our hope is that students will learn enough about writing and editing to make our assistance unnecessary in the future.

Writing Center Office

Writing Center Office: 

 Hours- M-Th 9am- 6pm

• CAS 202

 Schedule an appointment by email ( or call 903-565-5995

 Drop-in sessions are also okay but are on a first come, first served basis if there is a tutor available.

 2 appointments/ week

 Bring a copy of your paper and a copy of the paper assignment

Library -Writing Center

Library Late Night Hours:

• T-Th 8pm-10pm

• Located in the main library lobby area

• Only drop-in sessions, no appointments necessary

• Bring a copy of your paper and a copy of the paper assignment

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