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Latin American History

Reference Books on the Internet

Reference Books in the Muntz Library

All reference books are held in the Robert R. Muntz Library on the 2nd (main) floor, in the long row of bookshelves behind the Reference Desk.  They do not check out.  The Latin American reference books fall in the F1219 - F2659 area.  All books are in the online catalog.

Facts and Artifacts of Ancient Middle America:  A Glossary of Terms and Words Used in the Archaeology and Art History of pre-Columbian Mexico and Central America.  Ref. F1219 .M97 1978.

Mexican Political Biographies, 1935-1975.  F1235.5.A2 C35.

South American Handbook.  1993.  Ref. F1401 .S71 1993.

Encyclopedia of Latin America.  Ref. F1401 .E52.

Encyclopedia of Latin American History and Culture. 5 vols.  Ref. F1406 .E53 1996.

The Latin American Political Dictionary.  Ref. F1406 .R67.

Encyclopedia of Latin-American History.  F1408 .M36 1968.

Latin America and the Caribbean:  A Handbook.  Ref. F1408 .V43.

Cambridge History of Latin America.  2 vols. Ref. F1410 .C1834 1984.

Historical Dictionary of Nicaragua.  Ref. F1522 .N4

Nicaragua (World Bibliographical Series, vol. 44).  Ref. F1523 .W66 1983.

Diccionario Historico Bibliografico Comentado de Puerto Rico.  Ref. F1954 .H67.

Historical Dictionary of Brazil.  Ref. F2504 .L46.

Brazil (World Bibliographical Series, vol. 57).  Ref. F2508 .B79 1985.

Brazil:  A Chronology and Fact Book, 1488-1973.  Ref. F2521 .F55.

Afro-Braziliana:  A Working Bibliography.  Ref. F2659.N4 P6.

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