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Latin American History

Key Periodical Databases--Available through UT Tyler or Free

Additional Journal and Periodical Databases NOT Available at University of Texas at Tyler

Students working on theses may need to travel to larger universities to use databases in their libraries.  In most cases, you will only need to provide photo ID and fill out a form to get access to a guest computer, or perhaps a temporary password for the day.  Always check the library's webpage in advance to determine library hours and holidays, any special rules for visitors, and locations of guest parking.  You may also want to take a look at football or basketball schedules to avoid traffic and parking issues.

If you have a citation from a book or article bibliography...

At the Library homepage, click on the Journals tab.  Change the Keyword to Title and enter the title of the journal (not the article) and see if the journal is available in any of our subscription databases or in the Library in physical form. Check to make sure your date is covered, then click on the database name, or make a note to come by the library. As more journal backfiles become available open access, you may want to do a Google search for the article to see if it will come up.  If we don't have any direct access to the journal issue you need, please fill out an interlibrary loan request form.

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