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ENGL 4325/5325- Victorian Literature


This documentary, broadcast in 2001, examines the stories of three women whose lives and experiences helped shape new legislation and attitudes towards women in the 19th century. 

E- Books

Daily Life of Victorian Women

Watching Hannah: Sexuality, Horror & Bodily De-Formation in Victorian England

Voices of Victorian England: Contemporary Accounts of Daily Life

Daily Life in Victorian England (The Greenwood Press "Daily life through history" series)

Victorian Short Stories: Stories of Successful Marriages

Victorian Short Stories: Stories of Courtship

Victorian Short Stories of Troubled Marriages

Dreams: Three Works (Late Victorian and early Modernist women writers)

Language of Gender and Class: Transformation in the Victorian Novel

Croquet and Its Influences on Victorian Society: The First Game That Men and Women Could Play Together Socially

Fathers in Victorian Fiction

Gender and Victorian Reform

The Victorian Frame of Mind, 1830-1870

Victorian Culture and Classical Antiquity: Art, Opera, Fiction, and the Proclamation of Modernity 

Victorian Poetry: Poetry, Poetics, and Politics

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