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ENGL 4325/5325- Victorian Literature

Great Britain

Eurodocs:  Britain, 1816-1918 --Extensive list of links, including Treasures of the [British] National Archives, Cabinet Papers, Hansard [Parliamentary Debates]; Proceedings of the Old Bailey Online, History of the Workhouse, Crystal Palace, British Documents on the Orgins of the War (World War I), The First World War: Sources for History, Documents of the Interwar Period.


British History Online--"Digital library containing some of the core printed primary and secondary sources for the medieval and modern history of the British Isles.  Created by the Institute of Historical Research and the History of Parliament Trust, we aim to support academic and personal users around the world in their learning, teaching and research."

The National Archives (United Kingdom)--Online Records. --Over 5% of the National Archives' records have been digitised.  This list includes archives records digitized by partners.

British Library: Victorians    An illustrative tour that uses  posters, pamphlets, diaries, political reports, and illustrations to  tell about this seven-decade stretch of the 19th century.  A set of essays by Liza Picard explore topics like "The Working Classes and the Poor" and "The Rise of Technology and Industry." 

British Cartoon Archive --Documents the history of British cartooning over the past 200 years.

British Diplomatic Oral History Programme --Interviews with former diplomats or other officials who have played a significant role in events bearing on international relations.

Victorian Web --Over 60,000 documents concentrating on Great Britain in the age of Victoria (1837-1901).

 NINES - Nineteenth-century Scholarship Online     NINES stands for Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-Century Electronic Scholarship and is an organization that publishes and provides enhanced access to digital research on the 19th century and serves as a peer-reviewing body for digital resources in this area.  Recently added a database which catalogues early Victorian penny fiction.

The Victorian Studies Bibliography   Lists noteworthy books, articles, and reviews on the Victorian period. Compiled by the staff of the journal Victorian Studies and representatives from the Victorian Division of the Modern Language Association 

British Library-Victorian Literature-  Discover 1,200 Romantic and Victorian literary treasures, new insights by 60 experts, 25 documentary films, 30 inspirational teachers’ notes and more. 

The Victorian Dictionary     Compiled by Lee Jackson, an author of historical thrillers and nonfiction about Victorian London, this site is a searchable collection of excerpts from books, pamphlets, academic works and periodicals, original writings by the author, and images (including many from Punch). The site is worth a look for online researchers, although, as the author notes in his bibliography, serious scholars should consult an original copy of the materials referenced.

The Dickens Project      An excellent bibliography of critical studies of Dickens' work and many useful links to research websites. From the University of California.

Victoria Research WebA guide to research on 19th-century Britain, including short reference works produced by scholars, such as guides to periodical research, locating and using Victorian publishing records, and planning a research trip to Britain. Additionally, the site hosts “At the Circulating Library,” a database that catalogs information about three-volume novels published during the Victorian period and serialization information for more than 60 periodicals.

Victorian Web: Victorian Social History: An Overview. An example of one of the many sub-pages of the Victorian Web that organizes links by topic, genre, or individual. A great starting point for any Web research on Victorian culture. Also see overview pages on political history, religion, visual arts, technology, and more accessible from the site’s home page. 

19th Century British Pamphlets OnlineThe result of two large scale cataloging and digitization projects, records for nearly 180,000 pamphlets held within 21 UK research libraries have been created and linked to digitized versions in JSTOR (free to researchers and the public in the United Kingdom; elsewhere by subscription). Additionally, a useful Pamphlets Guide allows for easy browsing by collection, institution, and subject. 

Aspects of the Victorian Book. Online exhibition from the British Library providing an introduction to printing technology, formats (including yellowbacks, “three-deckers,” and penny dreadfuls), illustration techniques, and more. 

Victorian Women Writers Project. Includes transcriptions of the work of British women writers of the 19th-century, including poetry and verse, pamphlets, religious tracts, novels, and more. The site has not been updated since 2003, but it continues to be a useful source of 19th-century women’s writing. 


The Victorians: Culture & Experience in Britain, Europe, and the World 1815-1914- Series of lectures from Gresham College on teh Victorians. Lecture topics include: The Victorians: Time and Space, The Victorians:Art & Culture, The Victorians: Life and Death, The Victorians:Gender and Sexuality, The Victorians: Religion and Science, The Victorians: Empire and Race


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