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ENGL 4325/5325- Victorian Literature: Databases


Top Literature Databases

More Literature Databases


If you have a citation from a book or article bibliography...

Go to the Journals by Title page, enter the title of the journal, and see if it is available in any of our subscription databases or in the Library. Check to make sure your date is covered, then click on the database name, or make a note to come by the library. If we don't have direct access to the journal issue you need, please fill out an interlibrary loan request form.

Victorian Literature Journals

Victorians Institute Journal

Newsletter of the Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada

Victorian Review

Victorian Homes

Victorian Studies

Victorian Poetry

Victorian Periodicals Newsletter

Victorian Periodicals Review

Journal of Victorian Culture

Victorian LIterature and Culture

Journal of Victorian Culture

Victorians: A Journal of Culture and Literature

Nineteenth Century Prose

Browning Institute Studies

Journal of Language, Literature, and Culture

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