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Connecting from off-campus: For Library Staff

This guide tells you how to connect to the library resources from off campus and offers some troubleshooting tips if you run into problems.

When troubleshooting...

When working with the patron:

  • Find out how the patron is trying to access the resource. Verify that it is from a university link (our homepage, a research guide) not an open web search.
    • If the patron is using a link from Canvas, verify it's not out of date/inaccurate.
  • Find out exactly what the patron is trying to access (A database? An article from a search results screen?)
  • Is there an error message?  If so, what does it say?  Error messages can point you in the right direction to solve the problem. A screenshot of the error message can be very helpful in troubleshooting.
  • Can you get to the resource?  If so, what is different?  (Is the patron off-campus? Using a different browser?)
  • Is there another way to get to the item? (Journals by Title?)
  • Fulfill the patron's need.  Supply the item if you can access it.  If not, suggest another resource.
  • Once the patron has what they need, if the issue needs reporting send an email ( Include "Library" in the subject line (this ensures both e-resources & systems see the problem) and include the patron's email address if s/he would like a follow-up email.

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