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Using Library Resources

Databases are used to find articles. Filters can be selected to narrow down the search criteria. 

These are some of the types of documents that can be found using databases:

  • Primary Sources - an original item. They can include articles, movies, recordings, or diaries.
  • Secondary Sources - a summary of primary sources. A review articles summaries articles in a specific field.
  • Peer-Reviewed - works that have been examined by professionals working in the same field. This check is done to find any duplications or results that can not be replicated.


Off-campus access instructions are on the Remote Access tab at the top of this research guide.


If the library does not have the article, it can ordered it through Interlibrary Loan.

Swoop Search

Start a search for articles in Swoop Search, found on the library's home page.

Enter the search term, and click on the Search Button.

Scholarly articles, articles from current magazines or newspapers, videos, definitions, and book reviews and chapters will appear. 

These EBSCOhost tutorials show how to navigate this database.

Advanced Search

Many assignments will require finding peer-reviewed articles. To do a search for these types of articles, click the Advanced Search button on the Swoop Search box.

Type the search term. Some terms will be auto filled by the database to provide more precise results.

Click on Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals. Type in the years of journals to be searched. Most science classes require articles written within the last 10 years.

Google Scholar

Discover scholarly documents across the web with Google Scholar. Book chapters, conference papers, dissertations, patents, and reports are available. If logged into the UT Tyler library and if the item is available from the library, then it can be accessed and downloaded immediately.

However, some citations may not be correct. Consult with the STEM librarian if the provided citation appears too short or does not provide enough details.

The MLA citation for this license plate recognition article appears asGaddam, Leelawati, et al. "License Plate Recognition." (2014). It does not include the name of the online journal. 

The correct MLA citation format is:

Gaddam, Leelawati, et al. “International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing License Plate Recognition.” International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing 39.9 (2014): 492–495. Web. 6 Apr. 2016.


Physics Databases

To see articles directly, search these physics journals.

Physics articles may also be deposited in the Institutional Repository

Here are the direct links to specialized databases physics:

Database Searching Tutorials

Each database has a unique way of searching for information. The following databases provide their own video instructions or training.

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