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Reconstruction, 1865-1877

Resources for studying Reconstruction in the United States, 1865-1877

Reference Books in the Muntz Library

All reference books are held in the Robert R. Muntz Library on the 2nd (main) floor, in the long row of bookshelves behind the Reference Desk. 

General Historiography:

Encyclopedia of Historians & Historical Writing.  Ref. D14 .E53 1999.  See especially vol. 2, pages 1223-1226 for "Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction."

Guides to Archives:

The University of Texas Archives:  A Guide to the Historical Manuscripts Collections at the University of Texas Libraries (1967).  Ref. CD3539 .A8 T4.

American History:

Annals of America, vol. 9, 1858-1865.  Ref. E173 .A793.  Speeches, essays, addresses, resolutions, proclamations, and songs, year by year.
Milestone Documents in American History:  Exploring the Primary Sources That Shaped  America, vol. 2, 1824-1887.  Key documents, with overview, context, timelines, information about the author, explanation and analysis of the document, audience, impact, related documents, bibliography, questions for further study, glossary.

Southern History:

The Encyclopedia of Southern History.  Ref. F207.7 .E52. 
Encyclopedia of Southern Culture.  Ref.  F209 .E53 1989.  See articles on Reconstruction (pp. 658-659) and Reconstruction Myth (pp. 1120-1121).

Historical Statistics:

Historical Statistics of the United States.  Ref. HA202 .H57 2006.
Statistics of the United States in 1860; Compiled from the Original Returns of the Eighth Census.  HA201 1860 .C45 1976.  [3rd floor circulating collection, national and state level summaries]


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