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Texas Sources


Records of Criminal Offenses Committed in the State of Texas, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1866-1867.  Microfilm.  Ref. E185.93.T4.  Three documents on one reel.  Record of Criminal Offences are numbered consecutively. The entries in the first volume for the period 1865-68 are not in chronological sequence up to page 43; however, beginning with page 43, and continuing throughout volumes 2 and 3, the entries that span Feb. 1 867-Dec, 1868 are arranged chronologically according to the date a particular offense was reported. The record" may have been at least partially compiled from the registered reports.  The Registered Reports of Murders and Outrages are arranged by time period and thereunder in the order they were entered in volume 1 of the registers of letters received. The first group of reports is narrative and the second and third are tabular; the third was submitted on prepared Bureau forms. Preceding the first group is a report of freedmen murdered in the State of Texas since the close of the rebellion, evidently compiled in the Assistant Commissioner’s office from the registered reports received. Information about criminal offenses is also available in the reports of operations and conditions. The Miscellaneous Records Relating to Murders and Other Criminal Offenses relating to murders and other criminal offenses, 1865-1868, include unregistered reports relating to murders and outrages, 1865-66; list of criminal offenses reported and not reported by the sub-assistant commissioners, March 1868. An inspection of the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville, Texas Walker County, the appendix of lists 209 freedmen confined, including their names, counties of residence, crimes allegedly committed, sentences, and miscellaneous remarks.

Records of the Field Offices for the State of Texas, Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, 1865-1870.  Microfilm. Ref. E185.93 .T4 R43 reel 26-27.  Two reels of microfilm E185.93 .T4 R43 reel 26-27, includes Seguin, Sterling, Sumpter, Tyler, and Waco. 

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