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Antebellum America ("The Age of Jackson")--Primary Sources: Book primary sources

Library Catalog

The UT Tyler Libraries Catalog includes circulating books, reference books, books on microfilm and microfiche, state documents, and thousands of e-books.

Databases with Full-Text Books

Finding Primary Sources in the Catalog

Start your search in the UT Tyler catalog with a subject or keyword subject, then enter one of the following words as a separate subject, then click on search.  

Sources [will pull up collections of documents]




Personal narratives

You may also want to try for certain keywords in the title, usually the subtitle, such as "documentary history," "letters," or "papers." You will almost certainly get some false hits, but you can weed through them.



Finding Books That We Don't Own

In WorldCat, search the catalogs of libraries worldwide, using the same search strategies that you would use in our own catalog.  Under Subtype limits, choose "not juvenile" and under any content choose "not fiction."  You may also limit by format and language.  Results appear ranked by number of libraries holding the title--the higher the number, the more likely that you will be able to get it on interlibrary loan.  Click on a title for the full catalog record.  Next to External Resources will be a link to Borrow from Another Library which will transfer the bibliographic information to an Illiad Interlibrary Loan form.  You may also create lists and print or email the results.

Online Document Sets

Browse the Library Collection

If you're still not sure of a topic for your paper, look around in the stacks and see what books we have.

The books on the Age of Jackson / Antebellum America that can be checked out are on the third floor of the library, and most are found between E365 and E453.
War with Algeria, 1815 - E365
Monroe's Administrations, 1817-1825 - E371-E375
First Seminole War, 1817-1818 - E83.817
Missouri Compromise - E373
Monroe Doctrine - JX1425
Spanish Treaty of 1819 and the Cession of Florida - F314
John Quincy Adams Administrations, 1825-1829 - E376-E380
Tariff of 1828 - HF1754
Jackson's Administrations, 1829-1837 - E380-E385
Bank of the United States, 1816-1836 - HG2525+
Black Hawk War - E83.83
Second Creek War - E83.836
Second Seminole War - E83.835
Cherokee Removal/Trail of Tears - E99.C5
Tariff of 1833 - HF1754
Nullification - E384.3
Texan War of Independence and Recognition - F390
Van Buren's Administration, 1837-1841 - E385-E390
Armistad Case - E447
Panic of 1837 - HB3717
Creek Removal - E99.C9
Second Seminole War - E83.835
Harrison's Administration, 1841 - E391-E392
Tyler's Administration, 1841-1845 - E396-E400
Mexican War, 1846-1848 - E401 - E415.2
Biographies of Antebellum Statesmen - E415.8-E415.9
Polk's Administration, 1845-1849 - E416-E419
Taylor's Administration, 1849-1850 - E420 -E422
Fillmore's Administration, 1850-1853 - E426-E430
Pierce's Administration, 1853-1857 - E431-E434
Buchanan's Administration, 1857-1861 - E436-E438
Slavery in the United States - E441-E453
Antebellum Women - HQ1418+

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