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American Civil War

Reference Books on the Internet

These items are available to everyone on the internet.

Online Reference Sources within databases

Restricted to on-site use for visitors and to currently enrolled students and currently employed faculty and staff at UT Tyler for off-site use.

Reference Books in the Muntz Library

All reference books are held in the Robert R. Muntz Library on the 2nd (main) floor, in the long row of bookshelves behind the Reference Desk.  The Civil War reference books fall in the E467- E591 area, except for the bibliographies (see next box).  All books are in the online catalog.

General Historiography:

Encyclopedia of Historians & Historical Writing.  Ref. D14 .E53 1999.  See especially vol. 2, pages 1223-1226 for "Slavery, Civil War, and Reconstruction."

Guides to Archives:

The Confederacy:  A Guide to the Archives of the Government of the Confederate States of America.  Ref. CD3047 .B4 1986.
Guide to  Federal Archives Relating to the Civil War (1962).  Ref. CD3047 .M8.
The University of Texas Archives:  A Guide to the Historical Manuscripts Collections at the University of Texas Libraries (1967).  Ref. CD3539 .A8 T4.
Civil War Manuscripts:  A  Guide to  Collections in the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress.  Ref.  E468.B1 L5 1968.
Confederate Research Sources:  A Guide to Archive Collections.  Ref. E487 .N43 1986.

American History:

Annals of America, vol. 9, 1858-1865.  Ref. E173 .A793.  Speeches, essays, addresses, resolutions, proclamations, and songs, year by year.
Milestone Documents in American History:  Exploring the Primary Sources That Shaped  America, vol. 2, 1824-1887.  Key documents, with overview, context, timelines, information about the author, explanation and analysis of the document, audience, impact, related documents, bibliography, questions for further study, glossary
Encyclopedia of American Military History, vol. 1.  Articles on Civil War, causes of; Civil War, land overview; Civil War, naval overview, and many cross referenced articles on battles, military leaders, and military terminology.

Civil War:

Who Was Who in the Civil War.  Ref. E467 .S56 1988.
Biographical Dictionary of the Confederacy.  Ref. E467 .W2.
The Civil War Dictionary.  Ref. E468 .B7 1988.
Historical Times Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Civil War.  Ref.  E468 .H57 1986.
The Civil War  Day by Day:  An Almanac, 1861-1865.  Ref. E468.3 .L6.
The Language of the Civil War.  Ref. E468.9 .W755 2001.
Encyclopedia of the Confederacy.  Ref. E487 .E55 1993.
Regimental Losses in the American Civil War, 1861-1865.  Ref.  E491 .F8 1985.
Units of the Confederate States Army.  Ref. E546 .C76 1987. 
Compendium of the Confederate Armies:  Texas.  Ref. E580 .S53 1995.
Civil War Naval Chronology, 1861-1865.  Ref. E591 .U568 1971.
Biographical Register of the Confederate Congress.   Ref. JK9663 .W3.

Southern History:

The Encyclopedia of Southern History.  Ref. F207.7 .E52. 
Encyclopedia of Southern Culture.  Ref.  F209 .E53 1989.  See articles on "Civil War," ""Civil War in Literature," "Confederate States of America," and "Lost Cause Myth."

Texas History:

A Comprehensive History of Texas.  Vol. 2, 1845-1897.  Ref. F386 .C6 1986.  Originally published in 1896.  Part V. is "Texas and Texans in the Civil War."

Historical Statistics:

Historical Statistics of the United States.  Ref. HA202 .H57 2006.
Statistics of the United States in 1860; Compiled from the Original Returns of the Eighth Census.  HA201 1860 .C45 1976.  [3rd floor circulating collection, national and state level summaries]



While online sources such as WorldCat can be used to create lists of sources, annotated critical bibliographies often contribute evaluations that note depth, scope, and reliability for earlier books.

Civil War:

The American Civil War.  Ref. Z1242 .A47 1996.
Civil War Eyewitnesses:  An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles, 1955-1986.  Ref. Z1242 .C78 1988.
Civil War Eyewitnesses:  An Annotated Bibliography of Books and Articles, 1986-1996.  Ref. Z1242 .C79 2000.
Military Bibliography of the Civil War (1961).  vols. 1-3.  Ref. Z1242 .D612.
Military Bibliography of the Civil War (2003).  vol. 4.  Ref. Z1242 .D612 2003 v.4.
The Civil War in Books.  Ref. Z1242 .E57 1997.
The Civil War in the North:  A Selective Annotated Bibliography.  Ref. Z1242 .M87 1987.
Civil War Books:  A Critical Bibliography (1967, 1969).  Ref. Z1242 .N35 v.1-2.
In Tall Cotton:  The 200 Most Important Confederate Books for the Reader, Researcher and Collector (1978).  Ref. Z1242.5 .H3.
Confederate Imprints:  A Bibliography of  Southern Publications from Secession to Surrender.  Ref. Z1242.5 .P37 1984 (Note:  Most of these items are available in the microfilm set "Confederate Imprints" held by Texas A&M, Texas A&M Commerce, Texas Tech, University of North Texas, UT Austin, and UT San Antonio)
Travels in the Confederate States:  A Bibliography (1948).  Ref. Z1251 .S7 C68.  Microcard reproductions of listed items available at the University of Texas at Austin.
A Classified Bibliography of the Periodical Literature of the Trans-Mississippi West (1811-1967).  Ref. Z1251.W5 W53 1972.  See section "Military:  Civil War in the West"

Texas Sources:

Discovering Texas History (2014).  F386 .D57 2015.  See Carl Moneyhon's chapter on "Civil War and Reconstruction in Texas, 1861-1874," pp. 2010-242.  This picks up where Wooster's chapter (below) leaves off.
Texas History Theses (1955).  Ref. Z1339 .C3.
Texas Bibliography (1993).  Ref. Z1339 .C78.  See chapter on Confederate Texas.
A Guide to the History of Texas.  Ref. Z1339 .G84 1988.  See Ralph Wooster's chapter on "The Civil War and Reconstruction in Texas" and Part 2 on "Archives in Texas."  The latter should checked online for updated information.
Check List of Texas Imprints, 1861-1876.  Ref. Z1339 .W5.
Bibliography of Texas.  Ref. Z1339 .R15 1955.
Manuscript Sources in the Rosenberg Library:  A Selective Guide.  Ref. Z1339 .R74 1983.  [Galveston]


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