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Children's Literature: Science Fiction

This is the research guide for Children's Literature.


SCIENCE FICTION is a fictionalized story wherein the setting and plot are centered around technology, time travel, outer space, or scientific principles, with or without the presence of aliens. Story elements are not found in the known universe and explained by scientific means. 

SCIENCE FANTASY is a blending of the science fiction and fantasy genres.Typically science is used to explain the existence of the world or situation and magic is used thereafter, ie. A Wrinkle in Time. 

Frequently Found Elements

         • The story typically deal with aliens, outer space, time travel, future worlds, or scientific experiments gone awry.

         • Themes frequently deal with good or evil, often involving technology.

         • Science Fantasy uses science “to explain the existence of the world and magic is used thereafter.

Authors to Explore

♦Orson Scott Card

♦Leonardo Ramirez  

♦Eoin Colfer

♦Robert A. Heinlein 

♦Bruce Coville  

♦Stephanie Spinner 

♦Claire Freedman  

♦Margaret McNamera


Book Examples in the Library

How to Find Science Fiction in the Muntz Library

⇒Go to library homepage

⇒Scroll down and click on LIBRARY CATALOG

⇒On the limit list to teh left, select the area you want to limit to:  CML Easy Fiction (PreK-2nd grade), CML Juvenile Fiction (3rd -5th  grade), CML Adolescent  Fiction ( 6th-8th grade), CML Young Adult Fiction (9th-12th grade)

⇒Now select search.

⇒Write down the call number, title, and location (i.e. CML EZ, JUV, ADOL,  YA or Dewey)

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